St John

St John is committed to delivering high quality, patient focussed healthcare services nationwide. As one of the country’s largest charities, the ambulance service touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders every year. The fleet includes over 700 ambulance and operational vehicles on the ground. Highly trained and experienced staff, who use state of the art equipment and first class clinical expertise, are supported by over 9,000 volunteers.

Emergency ambulances

By 2021, all St John ambulances will be double crewed, supported by a network of first response units. This is to improve clinical outcomes for patients, making sure they have an ambulance clinician with them on the way to the hospital.  Radio assurance is another current project that will extend radio coverage into rural communities. 

Community health services

St John Area Committees identify programmes that can improve health and wellbeing issues in their communities. St John wants to work with local experts to provide early intervention and compassionate care to vulnerable New Zealanders, helping build more resilient and connected communities.