BASF agrichemical company offers crop protection and pest control solutions to New Zealanders based in the agricultural, manufacturing, and mining sectors and has done so for over 60 years. To discuss how including products from the BASF range may benefit your crop management programme, visit your local PGG Wrightson store or contact your Technical Field Representative.

Always read the registered label before use.


Comet is a broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide with activity against rusts and net blotch in cereal, ryegrass and maize crops.

Cycocel® 750

A plant growth regulator, Cycocel improves resistance to lodging, drought stress and eyespot damage in barley, wheat and oats, while promoting yields in wheat and perennial ryegrass seed crops.


Opus is a broad-spectrum contact and systemic fungicide used to control diseases in barley, maize, wheat and ryegrass seed crops.


A selective herbicide, Pulsar controls selected broadleaf weeds through contact and systemic activity in new pasture, clover, cereal, and pea crops.


Revylution is a triazole based foliar fungicide used to control speckled leaf blotch, leaf rust, and stripe rust in wheat and Ramularia and Brown rust in barley.


Revystar is a combination foliar fungicide used to control Ramularia, scald, speckled leaf blotch and rusts in cereal crops such as barley and wheat.


Apply pre-emergence, Sharpen controls broadleaf weeds in maize and sweet corn. Can be mixed with glyphosate for enhanced spectrum in the burndown/pre-plant window.


A plant growth regulator, Terpal shortens the crop and prevents lodging, stem and neck break in barley, ryecorn, and triticale crops.

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